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Alpha Female

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Alpha Female reveals in vivid detail the passion, danger and riveting drama that unfolds in Seattle lawyer Annie Peacock’s life when she turns it upside down to become the first female Magistrate Judge in the nation’s premier national park—Yellowstone.

After her divorce, Annie moves to Yellowstone when she’s hired to replace the Park’s retiring magistrate judge. Annie’s play-it-by-the-rules approach to justice immediately turns the Park’s renegade backcountry ranger, Will McCarroll, off. After Will's wife and infant child were killed by an illegal hunter’s bullet, wildlife and wilderness became Will’s salvation and he became obsessed with protecting them—at any cost—from poachers, trophy hunters, corporate greed and politics.

It's inevitable that Annie and Will butt heads, but when the alpha female of the Druid pack is shot and killed by a trophy hunter, Annie and Will find themselves working together to find the killer and bring him to justice. In the process, Annie is shaken to find herself falling in love with the rebellious backcountry ranger.

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