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Bandana - Beehive Basin

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Inspired by the flora and fauna that thrive in the beautiful Beehive Basin in Big Sky Montana, this bandana serves as your field guide for wildlife in Montana. Whether you want to rock the look of a wildlife biologist or add a touch of nature to your style, this artistic, high-quality handmade bandana will help you fall in love with the natural world again and again.

DETAILS: Hand illustrated with location-specific flora and fauna Hand screen printed with water-based ink Made in Montana, United States of America 100% Cotton 21" x 21" Printed on a dark purple bandana.

Featured Species: Clodius Parnassian Butterfly, Elephant-Head Lousewort, Fuzzy-Horned Bumble Bee, Great Gray Owl, Grouse Whortleberry, Moose, Mountain Goat, Pine Grosbeak, Pink Mountain-Heath, Rhexia-Leaf Indian Paintbrush, Subalpine Fir, Sugarbowl Clematis, Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout.

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