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Ranger Of The Lost Art

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After 30 years of research and discovery and three years of writing, Ranger Doug’s book Rediscovering the WPA Poster Art of our National Parks, with 224 pages and over 400 illustrations, plus a miniature silkscreen print of Grand Teton National Park, is available!


  • 224 pages
  • Over 400 illustrations
  • Coffee-table style hardback with marker ribbon
  • Includes a miniature silkscreen print of Grand Teton National Park-the first WPA NPS poster produced in 1938
  • Foreword by Douglas Brinkley with first edition endorsements by Sally Jewell, Jon Jarvis, Ken Burns, Dayton Duncan and Alfred Runte.
  • Printed at Paragon Press (SLC), Hand bound at Roswell Bindery of Phoenix (America’s last book bindery). Made in the USA

Sections on the …

  • New Deal and WPA
  • Federal Art Project
  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Western Museum Laboratories–
  • The 14 Historic Prints–with recently discovered photos showing them being printed
  • And more!


  • All 14 historic prints, how they were originally made, lost and rediscovered
  • Other NPS posters of the era: Dorothy Waugh, Alexander Dux, Frank Nicholson, and Jacob Asanger
  • Over 40 contemporary designs “in the style of” the WPA-and how we made them
  • Tour the Department of the Interior Museum exhibit with the Secretary of the Interior
  • Take a 44,000 mile road-trip in an antique Airstream and visit 100 national parks
  • Attend the donation ceremony putting these rare prints back into the public domain
  • Includes a miniature silkscreen print (Grand Teton–the first poster made in 1938)
  • Thirty years of rediscovery and three years of writing in a single volume

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