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Watercolor Pans - Metallic

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Viviva Watercolor Pans is a re-invention of Pans in 2 ways - First, they’re infused with a metallic sparkle which will make your art pop when it catches the light! Second, they come in the world’s first ever fully biodegradable Cork-based palette A set of 15 vibrant colors that sparkle ✨with the goodness of Viviva and a little extra shimmer thrown in for good measure. They are super tiny, lightweight, 100% biodegradable (it's just cork!), and soooo cute 😍 Why this re-invention? We created Viviva Pans because of our fam's (our beloved customers) popular demand. We wanted to do something meaningful, that can add value to our customer's requests & something that can keep up with our ethos. Designed for a mess-free & stress-free watercolour painting experience. Super fun & easy to use.


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